Catholic Worker love to brag of vying for sainthood among the low and downtrodden calling everyone who is battered if they complain a devil for trying to upstage Max Kolbe who went to the gas chamber of Germany to secure his sainthood but this is only role-playing for ball-busting Martin Sheen and his codex partner Mel Gibson, guarding the safe of allowable perception.

Every University Administrator who has the courage to open their mail has read and been advised of the criminal experiment of cheating a man of his life as a warlord’s elite statement of collective action, laughing at my rejection of their premise since they have pulled it off anyways.

The Stranger Newspaper of Seattle is very characteristic of the felony hate crime criminals making themselves legend at my expense with the blessing of the FBI by aiding the Jesse James of Lennon’s Estate. They are vicious cowards representing a nationwide quorum of self-imprisoned news reporters. UW (in whose cloak they ripper) is full of feminist theory and dogma but conspicuously delete dissertation on the invention of the AIDS Holocaust and its attending tutorial (the Texas Schoolbook) as originating with a council including Socialist lesbians as all the evidence shows. Their propaganda is for quislings and for mountebanks who uploaded The Green Party as a key to the chain gang’s dacoitery. They refuse to reason effectively on such subjects as Tony Cervi’s acid pit at Coal Hollow while selling their looks their rivalrous cocks as superior.

Obama is their untouchable hoodwinker uploaded as a pathetic ruse by an international cartel organized by That Dulles Gang in yesteryear with DeMille, touched by an angel, who struck in Dallas as a symbol of subordinating America to their International Cartel of Elders Wisdoms, which Kennedy just couldn’t match. Dulles Dallas was Mujicke Magic.

There are three styles of cloaks worn by these wormtongued Strangers who claim to speak for all in sacred calumnies, and and strangler acts:

1. The Foucault Cloak ~ Foucault organized the symbolic deed of the Fundamentalist Tripartite that preceded the backstab with a symbolic gesture of 444 hostage days for Jimmy C, then, he suicide bomber’d himself to intellectually lead the vacant, enraptured vanguard. To have woken from the trance of Penis Gabriel’s SO they would have had to care about the public’s right to know, and that just didn’t gel with the Klondike crowd, and so the truth of the slanderous metanarrative’s cultural mislead was adopted de facto and delivered as JFK’s head by Oliver Stone with a fait accompli.

2. The Dia Galas Cloak ~ Dia der Monda was one of the vipers who insinuated into the leadership at the front by being guru of the parochial mindset’s pissChrist inversion.

3. The Jay Inslee Cloak ~ Inslee is the type of Guttersnipe to crow, “Dah Lawd!” at Dr. King as they made him into their symbol, this way, preacher, style.

The three cloaks’ dacoits say they just don’t care, so that’s the trooper troupe out for the kill, talk your way out of it, style, like a street fighting man, eager to take a souvenir to hell and collect the payola from Lapham’s Quarterly under the table, to make good on the promise Ringo made to the Gummos, but the souvenir to hell system is criminal for more reasons than just having NASA use Unit 731 on a Pittsburgh Public School student in cold blood and broad daylight for the thrill of foreign rabid, the souvenir system comes in fact and full front from deliberate failure to warn, refusal to warn. The Klondike Alliance of Ringo, McCartney and Trump, that Trujillo, who announced hostilities with words to a Medical Library Clerk in 1984 (with that number on his Social Security card) “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Neat Stalin Ringo Mao.

When I ruined my life by hitching to St. Louis from Pittsburgh after graduating from the bottom of my class in Taylor Allderdice High School, to see one of the rabid pluck his dainty six string, near deaf, but fawning, I got picked up by an agent from Reykjavik Mel Gibson HQ who said, “This car ain’t gonna stop, this car ain’t got no brakes,” and proved it as we hit 70. Although I told the first soldier I saw, he croaked, “Mebbe dat ain’t muh ‘sponsibility.” I sat down and passed out from exhaustion, next stop I was back in Chicago (a nice lady woke me and said get in” no wonder America is loved.

Obama is hardly a bystander to abomination. He is like that band Megadeath, hiding truth in what seems to be gallows humor. This illustrates the intellectual tragedy of my take on trusting the rabid as a voice of conscious irony, rather than of cold blooded malice. Obama played fast and loose from the Geffen Matrix with an illegal war game of win or lose by starting AIDS and justifying it in cold blood and derision. His game is sickening and he calls it a joke, one of contaminating his prey and then calling me contagious as a sample of those who back off nuclear brinkmanship in an Ayn Rand Queer psychology farce ventured up by Central Catholic over abortion, and then aren’t even sincere, they rode JFK’s coattail to position. At best, Lee Marvin was just a Confederate crank. Ugh. And you wonder why I hated Reagan.

How could you miss the index of Mi Yung Joo and Marilyn Mueller (Marilyn M. of 444 Dearborn, Chicago? Obama’s tag of me as the IT for Yoko Ono’s revenge from Nagasaki is openly indexed to sanitation that joins up his guillotine frenzy with Leslie Sanetta and the killers of Dr. King at the sanitation strike in Memphis that dismal day. Never has our nation been so dis-served.

Although we believe in free speech, there’s a widespread knot against words. I don’t think it helps. People have the right to know and making this creepiness normal is no way to celebrate the lives of the fallen.

The doctors are responsible, too, they could have warned us instead of playing chicken on Mt. Desert Island with Zappa and Koop.