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This area was scheduled for release in Oct. 2018. If you are sufficiently informed to understand the situation I am in you may well be skeptical at the British/Tacoma assertion that being unable to keep up with their allegations while suffering from severe carpal tunnel issues proves I have no substantial reply, but dishonesty is their charter. Congress wrote to me today about protocol. It’s not an irony that they have voided protocol with respect to me. It’s a dangerous example of the injustice fetish that has made the attackers popular, an issue this piece is going to explore, abridged temporarily due to injury.

What you can assess here for the moment is the continuing saga of evidence that they were poachers all along who cut down the most valuable man in America and smothered it in a red herring. The lynch post I was photographed under in Storybook Forest which can be found on the title page: was a time when my happiness was being attacked but well before I understood how or why. They called the lynching of blacks strange fruit, but their black General in the warlock drome of AIDS command, had a plan to sell an even stranger fruit. This photograph demolishes the claim by the rabid that their plot was found art and ideologically consistent, rather than gross manufacture.

Chomsky and Karl, this evidence will show, attempted to work out a theme that the white was without in born morality. I will describe the super-doctorate methods they used to manufacture as well as what they really meant, while remedying their inane appeal to student power in colleges as a Lord of the Flies arena they have in the past used to stampede herds into negation of the evidence, but again, the injury precludes immediate dissertation. When you wonder what part of disrespect isn’t free speech reflect on the fact that 11/22/63 is the day the world changed, and the insults never stop.

The rabid, who know no laws, want to confuse you about potential by leering about things that should have no consequences to incite you to allow abomination. Simply by withholding that the woman I asked to marry me was an attack prostitute they got away with child mutilation and then pointing the finger.

The outcome was pre-planned and the lewd mind of the collegiate syndicate they have stoked by means that show terribly cruelly the degree to which free speech and transparency are viciously endangered by black realpolitik, this is clear simply by comparing the lynching post storybook photograph with the outcome of NEVA scorn, leering over their despot table of Parliament at Suzy versus Jimizied Wong.

The outcome was planned as an on campus witch hunt set on fire for the jest of UW Administration jackals playing pyromaniac to a scholar. Someone might want to ask Carrie Sylvester what the bacteria was that Trump City Seattle used in a bid to make me lose my teeth, but watch out, they might bite you to prove that kind of stuff really happens. I’m sorry you have to wait a half hour but I’m injured.

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